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I have worked as a translator and interpreter of Portuguese and English since 1991. I have also translated and proofread numberless papers for publication in international research journals and helped in the preparation posters and oral presentations for international conferences.

My main fields of work are chemistry (new materials, ceramic materials, phytochemistry, pharmacology, analysis techniques), electronics, computer science, software and hardware, psychology, literature, civil, mechanical and electric engineering, ecology, nuclear energy, medicine (cardiology, endocrinology, occupational therapy, physical therapy), physical education, education, history, and philosophy.

Due to my large experience, the papers that I translate or proofread are accepted for publication by the international journals with compliments by the referees for the good use of English.

Appointed a sworn translator and interpreter by the Commerce Board of the State of Minas Gerais (JUCEMG) on May 28th, 2009, registration no. 768/09, I am qualified to translate assorted documents for legal and official purposes, such as diplomas, certificates, school transcripts, driver's licenses, immigration, adoption and marriage documents, contracts, commercial correspondence, legal proceedings documents, etc.

Should you need other language than English, I have partnerships with sworn translators of Spanish, French, Italian, and German. If you need a translator for a different language, I will be pleased to help you as well.<

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